About iNU Solutions

Located in The Netherlands – famous as home to some of the most innovative high tech companies in the world –  we are in easy reach of some of the biggest names in semiconductor, aerospace and cutting edge research. Unsurprisingly, in this highly competitive environment businesses demand the highest levels of reliability, precision and trust.

Founded in 2013, our purpose is to help these companies to continue pushing the boundaries by allowing them to focus on what they do best, while they trust us to take care of what we do best. This collaborative effort allows us to grow together, learn together and also to fail together. 

Yes, you read that correctly! At iNU Solutions we don’t fear failure, we consider it to be an integral part of what engineering is all about. As Einstein once said “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research would it?”

By creating code that is flexible, simplified and re-useable it allows us to provide a software solution that passes the technical wealth back to our customers. Our ability to remain vendor agnostic allows us to use whatever hardware solves the problem, rather than a “one size fits all” mentality often associated with companies who partner with one specific vendor.

Our approach to software development, combined with our hardware flexibility allows us to create solutions that integrate smoothly, work reliably and give the maximum “bang for your buck”.

Our customers choose us because we combine engineering expertise, business intelligence and the highest standards of software development to give them a solution they trust.

As we like to say, don’t just innovate, iNUvate

What Others Say About Us

The old computing is about what computers can do, the new computing is about what people can do.

– Ben Shneiderman