The ANT+ Toolkit for LabVIEW


The ANT+ Toolkit is fully supported by us, the people who developed it

User Friendly

Using a LabVIEW implementation allows for a simple drag and drop process, allowing the user to easily follow the protocol requirements

Quick Startup

Many profile examples are included, allowing you to get up and running in no time

Compatible With LabVIEW


The iNU Solutions ANT+ Toolkit is certified “Compatible with LabVIEW”, this ensures that:

  • Integrates fully with NI hardware and software

  • Intuative user experience

  • Evaluation period is included in the package

  • Examples to get you up and running quickly

  • Integrates fully into the Functions Pallet of LabVIEW

  • Technical support in case you get into any difficulties

Main Features

Simulate Sensors and Monitors

Can be used to perform encoding and decoding on data packets, allowing use as master and slave devices.

Follows a “One Task, One Time” Philosophy

Allows for complete control over your device as each VI does one task, making configuration simple.

Compatible With LabVIEW

The ANT+ Toolkit is Certified Compatible With LabVIEW, meaning you are buying a quality product.

Create Custom Profiles

Develop your own protocols that send the data you want, how you want it.

Example Profile Implementations Included

Examples of various exisiting ANT+ Profiles are included to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

Fully Documented with Context Help

Includes references to relevant section of the ANT documentation in the Context Help window of LabVIEW


Customer Testimonials


Available Options

Our standard pricing options are listed below. If you require something a little different, just get in touch and we will find a solution.

Single Profile

  • Full Profile Implementation

  • Supplied as an Executable

  • All Data Viewable OnScreen

  • No Customization


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