Internal Processes and How We Work

As described on our “About Us” page, we offer flexible, vendor agnostic test systems that not only solve the problem at hand, but can be built on for the future. To manage these complex, multidisciplinary projects we need internal processes that allow us to work efficiently, processes that help, not hinder the workflow.

Is our process perfect? Absolutely not. We are continuously looking to improve the way we work and assessing how new services can be integrated into our workflow. By regularly attending technical conferences, mastermind groups and partaking in discussion forums we are able to keep up with current trends and see how they fit in with our iNUvation process.

Here are some of our internal processes, described at a relatively high level. If you have any questions, give us a shout and we will be happy to explain more.

Software Development Ecosystem


Ecosystem Overview

We base our software development system on this “Ecosystem Diagram” that was created to give a very high level of the whole development cycle.

The first version was much smaller and we have added to it since. We will also continue to add and remove things as necessary, the evolution of our processes is one of the keys to our success.



iNU Solutions Backup Processes


Having an effective backup system is a vital part of any business, not just those that work with software development. If the worst should happen, it allows work to continue with minimal loss of data and in a relatively short time.

We utilise on site backup for work done throughout the day, with automated incremental backups carried out every hour to 2 solid state discs.

For offsite backup we have 2 systems, the first is a nightly incremental backup to a server located off site to ensure protection in the event of damage to the building where our office is located. The second process is a weekly full backup to a cloud based server, we use 2 different providers to ensure maximum reliability.

Having this system in place gives us the piece of mind that if something did happen, we can be up and running again quickly.

See this site for a more detailed description of cloud and local servers

There is a constant need for new systems and new software

– Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape and and co-author of Mosaic)