ANT+ Development and Testing Tools

During the development and testing of the ANT+ Toolkit we used a wide variety of hardware and software, some of the most important items are detailed here.

These tools were used on an almost daily basis, so full compatibility with the ANT+ Toolkit can be assured.


ANTUSB-m Antenna

The ANTUSB-m is a USB antenna from Dynastream Innovations that allows communication with other ANT+ devices.

We chose this antenna as it allows the use of the more advanced features of the ANT protocol, and along with its small size makes it suitable for almost all applications.

The ANTUSB-m is available from almost any outdoor retailer that stocks wearable health devices, as well as most electronics stores.

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ANTware II & SimulANT

ANTware II and SimulANT are free software tools that allow you to control ANT devices via a USB Dongle.

We used these to initially set up all the ANT hardware and to make sure everything was communicating ok before we started debugging our own software.

Version info

  • ANTware II – v4.1

  • SimulANT – v1.11.0.0

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MOXY-3 Muscle Oxygen Sensors

The MOXY-3 Muscle Oxygen sensors from Moxy Monitor are an ANT certified product that uses the Muscle Oxygen (MO2) Profile to communicate data.

The MOXY-3 was initially used to debug the MO2 Profile example in the Toolkit and was then used to create a stand alone executable.

All other profiles are based on the same architecture as this, to ensure that all implementations have a stable, well tested platform.

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LabVIEW RIO Evaluation Kit

The RIO Evaluation Board was used to test the functionality of the Toolkit in the NI RealTime Operating System (RTOS) environment.

This board has a built in USB port that allows the ANTUSB-m to be connected, as the Toolkit uses NI VISA there is no need for additional driver installation.

Version info

  • LabVIEW – 2013 SP1

  • NI RTOS – 13.0.1

  • NI VISA – 5.4.0

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