services LabVIEW


  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Extra Resource in Larger Projects

  • Updates and additional features to existing programs

  • Creation of templates to allow easier development

  • Automation of manual tasks

  • Code Reviews

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  • Transfer of LabVIEW Code into Test Sequences

  • Maintenance and Updating of Existing Sequences

  • Conversion of Existing Sequence to TSM for Industrial Testing

  • Creation and Management of Custom Test Sequences

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Services Coaching


We at iNU Solutions do not believe in “teaching” anyone anything. Our belief is that if people have the desire to learn then all we need to do is facilitate that.

It is our goal to always try and allow the ’students’ to learn what they feel is relevant to their own role, or their own unique problem. We do not have standard powerpoint presentations, standard examples or indeed standard anything. For us learning is not an industrial process, but something that should be unique for everyone.

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We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it

– Galileo Galilei