ANT+ Toolkit – Device Profile


The individual device profiles are an implementation of a specific device profile in accordance with the relevant ANT Documentation. Each profile available for purchase meets with the “Minimum Compliance” section of the ANT Profile, and in many cases exceeds this requirement.

These programs were developed to be used when the full flexibility of the ANT+ Toolkit is not required, such as when a sensor for a specific profile is being developed and tested. All the decoded data from the device is viewable on screen, as well as any control inputs that may be required by the profile, such as calibration settings.

Built on a Solid Foundation

Each ANT+ Device Profile is built using the ANT+ Toolkit, which is Certified Compatible with LabVIEW. This ensures that the fundamental building blocks of the Device Profile executable are in accordance with the requirements of NI, meaning that you can purchase with confidence.

It’s all about the right tools for the job

– Frank Mather