A Guy from (N)Iceland

In February of 2016 we received an email from a student in Norway asking if we could help him with the LabVIEW aspect of his Masters Thesis, specifically the communication with various ANT+ sensors.

I can remember when I was a student trying to find companies to help out for free, especially when a “paid for” product was involved was quite tiresome and soul destroying at times. So with this fresh in my mind I agreed to provide him the ANT+ Toolkit free of charge until his studies were finished, and to also help him with the LabVIEW implementation when he needed it.

His Masters Thesis involved connecting various sensors together and implementing an algorithm that automatically selected the correct gear on a road bike. As a keen biker myself this really captured my imagination and I really enjoyed helping when I could. He turned out to be a really nice guy and we are still in contact today, he is even helping me with some tips on where to stay and visit in Iceland.

Yes, that confused me as well! It turns out that he is actually from Iceland but attended university in Norway.

Read more about the technical aspect of the student project in our Portfolio section here

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