So your hardware has arrived, software is installed and lights are flashing. Now what?

The standard courses from National Instruments are a great way to learn about all the features of LabVIEW, but by their nature they have to be very broad in their content as they have to be all things to all people.

How do our courses differ from those of NI? We can offer you training and coaching services that are tailored specifically to your company, including only the information you will use. For example if you will only use LabVIEW to develop one-off bench test applications, then you may not be interested in creating executables. Don’t need to know about network streams, we won’t even mention it, don’t care about using a DVR? What DVR??

After a discussion with you to discover what your aims and objectives are in using your new NI software, our coaching sessions will give you the information you need to do your job, nothing more and nothing less. If during the sessions you see something that may help you, no problems, we can include it. We do not have a syllabus or even a standard lesson plan, the courses are driven entirely by you.

Management Tools

In order to deliver programs efficiently, on time and on budget it is not enough to just have the most up to date version of LabVIEW and a team of eager programmers. A successful project needs more than just people sat coding, it requires managing from concept to delivery. Luckily there a number of “support tools” available that will help make things much easier. We can help you discover which ones are best for you, give coaching on how to use them and even set up the hardware if needed!

  • Integrating management tools into your development process to improve efficiency

  • Setting up of a professional version management system

  • Training in source code control

  • Creation of a bug reporting process

  • Connecting your project requirements with project management tools

one on one coaching

Unique Problems

Even with the best planning, all the right tools and 5 different coloured whiteboard markers, sometimes even the best programmers get stuck. Do you have a situation that you can’t seem to find a solution for, maybe it’s instrument drivers, maybe you’ve spent so much time on a program that “you can’t see the wood for the trees”, or maybe a sudden change in requirements has increased the technical challenge of the project.

If any of this sounds familiar then we can help! Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes looking at a project can see things others can’t, as independent people we can ask the “stupid” questions and help you find the solutions yourself. We can advise on a change of program architecture, give pointers on breaking the task down into smaller chunks or help to prioritise the requirements.

LabVIEW Tools Network Submission

Submitting a product to the LabVIEW Tools Network can be a very complicated and time consuming process. There are many more steps required than you would first imagine and not all of them may be relevant to your product.

We can help guide you through the whole process, or just part of it depending on your requirements.

  • Ensuring your code passes the “Compatible With LabVIEW” check

  • Setting up a licensing process to protect your product

  • Creation of a custom license file for use with Advanced Licensing

  • Distributing your product

  • Integrating an eCommerce/payment process 

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it

– Galileo Galilei